The 3rd Investment Bucket = The TAX FREE Investment Bucket

The recent Huffington Post article, “What is a LIRP? and Why Should You Own One”, explains the two commonly known proverbial buckets used for investing.  These buckets, the Taxable and the Tax-Deferred, do not allow the greatest certainty with regard to future taxes in your later years of retirement.  The author further explains the 3rd Bucket, known as the LIRP, allows for TAX FREE retirement income!

Many have referred to a LIRP as a ROTH IRA on steroids.  While these new and improved Life Policies provide “Living Benefits” (so you no longer have to die to get to your money) which are priceless……they can be overfunded to provide long term income TAX FREE at any age!

Designing these plans should not be done by just anyone. 

At 5 Star Life & Wealth, this is our expertise.  Call today for YOUR Custom Designed LIRP…..Gianna Vennari @ (859) 317-6848.

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